Why Even Clumsy People Would Have Trouble Breaking This Display

If you were cursed with buttery fingers, you might want to consider what kind of display glass your gadgets are sporting. Devices like the Motorola Droid, Dell Adamo laptop and Cowon S9 PMP have added strength because of Gorilla Glass.

Apparently, Gorilla Glass differs from the product you might find in a typical smartphone because it allows "larger ions to penetrate the surface more deeply to increase the compression tolerance and tolerate deeper scratches." This is achieved though a aluminium-composite composition that can be made extremely thin and light because of its strength.

Corning, the company behind the glass, is hoping to expand the reach of their product to other consumer electronics and even vehicles - anything that needs to withstand the elements. And by "elements" I mean clumsy, uncoordinated types...Adam? [Smartplanet and Gorilla Glass]

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