Vostro V13: Dell’s New $450, 16.5mm Ultraportable

Vostro V13: Dell’s New $450, 16.5mm Ultraportable

There aren’t very many details available about the Dell Vostro V13 other than the fact that it’s an ultra-thin, ultra-light ultraportable with a seemingly very reasonable $US450 price tag, but at least there are a few teasing pictures.

The V13's puny 3.5 pounds may include eSATA, Ethernet, USB and a card reader, but we'll just have to wait for confirmation on the details. [Electronista]

Update: The V13 may be aimed toward business travelers, but based on the details, it wouldn't be bad for the rest of us either:
• 13.3-inch screen
• An ultra-low voltage Core 2 processor
• 4GB of DDR3 RAM pre-loaded
• Bluetooth and 802.11g/n
• An integrated webcam and microphone

Not bad, though it looks like folks in New Zealand are getting the short end of the stick for some reason, since the expected price there converts to about $US850.

AU: It'll start at $999 here in Australia. Which I guess is even worse? It's a nice looking PC though, even if it is designed for small business...

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