Void VO2 Watch: An iMac With A Speed Dial

If you think about it—really think about it—or even half-assedly think about it—this Void VO2 Retrograde watch isn't so different from an iMac.

But whereas an iMac* focuses on its glass screen accented by a tiny strip of aluminium, this Void centerpieces its brushed stainless steel—the informationless void of the watch, if you will—as much just as much as its glass-covered speed dial watch face.

Void's design admits that it's only half for utility, saving the other half completely for style.

The Void VO2 watch is available now for $US200. But if you prefer a digital face to an analogue one, check out the Void V01.[Watchismo via boingboing]

*I thought my iMac comparison was somewhat brilliant before realising I'd probably unconsciously plagiarised it from my source. Smooches, Rob.

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