Verizon Waives $US21,917 Bill Caused By 13-Year-Old Data Hog

Attention, teenagers of America: Things cost money, even when plucked out of thin air. And attention parents of America: Buy a data plan, already.

When Ted Estarija added his son to his mobile phone plan, he probably wasn't expecting the adorable little scamp to download 1.4GB in a month. But these kids, that's what they do! Anyway, in a show of uncustomary magnanimity, Verizon has forgiven all charges for the month, and Estarija the Younger has been cut off, so everything's back the way it should be. Except for the fact that apparently a kajillion per cent (approximately) increase in data usage didn't send up any flags at Verizon as it was happening, which is pretty unfortunate customer relations. [AP via Consumerist]

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