V-Screen Faux-3D PSP Kit: Yes, It Actually Works

A lot of people wrote about the V-Screen 3D kit for the PSP when it was announced. Jokes may have been made! But now Ars has actually tried one, and their results are surprising: It's not perfect, but it works.

According to Ars, the V-Screen uses an old trick, popular with flight sim devotees, whereby a fresnel lens - at a size slightly larger than the device's screen - is placed a short distance away from the display. This magnifies the image a bit, and more importantly, adds a sense of depth. For 3D games where depth is important, like racing games and FPSes, the effect is apparently "more compelling than it sounds on paper", to the point that "it's going to be hard to back playing the games on a standard screen."

There's no doubt that this is a faux-3D setup, but it's also fairly cheap - $US40, to be exact, which might not buy you honest 3D, but it'll buy you the sensation. Like a Fleshlight, for your eyes! Yes. [ArsTechnica]

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