$US70 Camcorder Weighs Just 18g, Measures Two Inches In Length

It won't win you any cinematography prizes, but at $US70 it'd be easy to just throw in your bag or car for those moments when you really need to film something. Like when you see a hit-and-run.

Concord Keystone has squeezed its Easy Shot Clip camcorder down to just 2-inches in length and an inch in width, weighing just 18 grams. Take that, Flip Mino.

As expected, the resolution is only VGA quality at 640x480 pixels, but it does shoot sound in 30fps - not too bad, considering. You can record up to two hours of video on the 2GB flash memory, charging it via USB with either Windows 7, Vista or XP, or Max OS X 10.4.7 or later.

Out in February for the aforementioned $US70, it's a shame it didn't go on sale before Christmas - it would've made a great stocking filler. [Concord Keystone via eCoustics]

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