Unicycle Built For Two: Cool Design And Sign Of The Times

Sure, it's a neat-looking concept that Corbin Dunn came up with, as far as cycling death traps go. But in these economic times, it's also a practical solution for couples who'd rather not splurge on extravagances like a second wheel.

For coolness factor, I'd put this tandem unicycle somewhere between Bi-Cycle tandem bike and the Face-to-Face, while for pure crazy it's just shy of the Uno bike in single-wheel formation.

Unfortunately, Corbin forgot to save his "great post about the construction details", so you're on your own for now building a tandem unicycle for you and your sweetheart. I'm pretty sure that step one was "lose all rational sense of physical limitations" so feel free to get a head start on that until the full instruction list is up.

Update: Full instructions, if you've got sufficient wild abandon, can be found here.

[Corbin's Treehouse via LikeCool via OhGizmo!]

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