UK Man Builds Full-Size Dalek And Wonders Why He's All Alone

At least he should have nice muscles after pushing his Dalek around all day. Built for around $US1,149, this full-sized Dalek uses an electric wheelchair as its base, and in addition to pushing, can also be controlled via remote.

While master Rob Bosher is a far cry from David Tennant, he's built in a voice modulator so his creation doesn't just look like a Dalek and walk like one, it also talks like one too.

So what's more damaging to your love life dear readers, pushing around a full-sized Dalek or wearing this helmet? [Botropolis]


    I don't see what's so special about this. I know of at least 3 Dalek projects like this in Adelaide alone. There are Dalek parades, and a web guild of Dalek builders.

    In fact my best mate is almost finished a Dalek project, fully remote controlled, wheelchair drive, motion sensors and voice modulator etc etc.

    Links, you wanted links?

    Project Dalek:
    Australian Dalek Builders Union (Facebook):
    The Dalek Builders Guild:

    A link to a build diary?
    Go to and check out a wonderful world of Dalek Building madness!

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