Toshiba’s Blu-Ray Player On Sale Today

Toshiba’s Blu-Ray Player On Sale Today
 src=Blu-ray must be one hell of a big, bitter pill for Toshiba to swallow. But full credit to them – they sucked it up, swallowed down and have just released the BDX2000 Blu-ray player in Australia.

The player has an RRP of $329, which is a pretty decent price for a Profile 2.0 player with an SDHC card slot and DivX HD and AVCHD playback support. There’s no inbuilt storage though, so you’ll need to factor in the cost of an SD card to use any BD-Live functions.

The thing I like most about the announcement that the BDX2000 is on sale in Australia though? This line from the press release:

Important Notes:
This product does not play HD DVD discs. Blu-ray discs with high-definition content required for HD viewing.

Oh, HD DVD. We’ll always remember you…