Top-Secret Laptop, Encryption Key Stolen From Ministry Of Defence

I don't know what the bloody hell is going on with Great Britain and their stolen government laptops - sixty-six so far this year, 658 in four years - but this is getting ridiculous. The last case, however, is really serious.

This has the potential to become one of the most serious security breaches at the Ministry for a very long time. An investigation by [the Ministry of Defence]police is ongoing and it would be inappropriate to comment further.

The laptop - which belonged to an RAF officer - was stolen right at the Ministry of Defense's headquarters, along with a USB encryption key that would unlock all the files in the computer. Apparently, this is so serious that there is a huge search going on in London now, with the police, the military, the secret service, Sean Connery, the manufacturers of Marmite, the Queen, most of the personnel at the Ministry of Silly Walks and Jones the Dog hunting for it. [Defense Tech]

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