TiVo Selling Home Networking Package For $10 Next Friday

The 11th of December is the best day of the year. Mostly because it's your friendly Gizmodo editor's birthday, but this year there's the added bonus of TiVo offering the $199 Home networking package software for just $10. What's more, all the money goes to Beyond Blue, the Aussie charity battling Depression.

In addition to the Home networking package, there's also the ability to purchase an additional TiVo Desktop Plus Key for $5 instead of the regular $40, which will let you share your home networking software across a couple of computers. If you already own a TiVo but don't have the software yet, you should definitely jump on this deal.

To get the software, you just need to head to the TiVo website between 12:01am and midnight on December 11 and buy the software from the online store.

[Tivo - Thanks Bernard!]

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