This Is What A Drive-By Bombing Looks Like

Or rather, what it would look like: Lockheed Martin's Scorpion glide bombs, seen here floating toward their targets mesmerising slow-mo from the bay of a high-speed ground sled, will drop from the skies, not the carpool lane.

The Scorpion is designed as a possible replacement for the current, heavier munitions on Predator drones, or, in concert with a "Gunslinger" deployment pod (not unlike a plane-mountable version of the aerodynamic ejection pod seen above) as a way retrofit heavier larger, typically less-armed planes with laser-guided bombing capabilities. Lockheed hasn't secured any buyers yet, and as far as weapons technology goes, the Scorpion is a relatively minor upgrade. What isn't at all minor: the number of times I've watched these videos today. [Danger Room]

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