This Is How The Mysterious Giant Spiral Happened

It wasn't the fury of Thor or an alien portal or the Second Coming of Hey-Zeus. Here you have the explanation of the mysterious giant spiral that happened yesternight in Norway, computer simulation included.

The video shows a rocket getting out of fuel and spiraling out of control, which looks exactly like the photos and videos online.

Norwegian astronomer Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard says it's 99.9% safe to say that it's a rocket out of control, while some newspapers and TV channels are quoting Russian military sources, confirming that this is a failed Bulava missile launched from a nuclear submarine in the White Sea.

The Norwegian defence has confirmed that, even while they have not admitted the failure, the Russian Navy alerted them about the tests prior to the giant spiral appearing in the skies. And if that wasn't enough to convince everyone, here are two images of the missile trails being blown away by the wind, at dawn:

Sorry people, no alien invasions. Yet. [Thanks Jon Trygve and everyone who wrote]


    Sorry, that was no rocket. Nice attempt at trying to cover this up. Might well have just tried to convince us this was a weather balloon.

      We here for to take your womens.

      You see the thing is...this light was not aliens, which to me obviously exist, but a little thing called "Project Blue Beam" and "HAARP" which we will all soon have the pleasure of meeting. C'mon though, a missile?, that just funny. Search these topics my friends and stay diligent

        The reference to HAARP is an interesting one. Not heard of Blue.


      Definitely, D. Vader. If THATS a rocket, then I'm a Jedi. I honestly think it has something to do with the LHC... Would like a straight answer on this...

    You're absolutely right, Vader. An alien came to earth in his spaceship crossing billions of light years and then when he got here he crashed.

    Just like when you're driving on a highway and see like, one tree alone in the middle of nowhere and a set of skid marks going straight into it.

      yes Death Duck...that's exactly what he said...wait, I just reread his comment...he didnt say anything about aliens...but come on now. watch the actual video footage. Not saying its aliens or anything, just saying that it was NOT a failed rocket.

    Nice to see an explanation for this, hopefully people will stop talking about UFO nonsense. I mean I'm completely open to the possibility of alien life, but why do people immediately assume UFO when there's any kind of unexpected light in the sky when there are countless other much more likely explanations. Foolish people desperate for evidence to prove their beliefs see what they want to see I guess.'s kind of like the gullable folks straining to convince us of global warming. You are right on the button.

    By definition it is a UFO until someone identifies with certainty what it is at which time it becomes an IFO. Simply stating it is a UFO does not mean it contains inhabitants from another world, it is simply unidentified.

    So I'm assuming they will have no trouble finding rocket debris?

      I'd say It was a UO, Unidentified Object, simply because it was stationary and it materialized out of nowhere.

    Sif they would tell us if it were aliens. * twighlight zone *

    ALIEN: Sorry for all the commotion but i heard Earth has some pretty hot babes, especially in Norway, so i decided to crash land there. Sorry for all the hoo haa

    I'm leaning toward the rocket theory. But it's still a little too perfect. Don't jump to conclusions too quickly. Other media outlets are reporting that the Russians have not confirmed the missile story.

    Wait, so the guy who programmed the 3d simulation to mimic of the conditions of what could have happened is the guy who proved what happened?


    They won't find any rocket debris because it's been burned up, obviously ... ... ...

    I love how you people at kotaku who happen to call themselves "authors", take a possible explanation and title it "HOW the giant spiral happened".

    No this isn't how, this is MAYBE how it happened. I think you people should spend more time putting thought into what you write, instead of just putting it out there

      *gizmodo sorry, the background was orange, and i assumed it was kotaku

    so, if the simulation film is indeed what happened, then the pattern in the sky had to be formed by a rocket coming straight at the viewers in Norway.....isn't anyone concerned about that???? What if it hadn't failed? Guess who's there!

    Hmmm....whilst I get the cloud formations may well have been caused by the out-of-control Rocket, how would the lights be made?

    Red T-Rex is right also...UFOs are merely Aircraft that are unidentified not Alien lifeforms...although people often refer to UFOs as Alien Spacecraft...

    Remember also people, the US denied the existence of the Stealth Bomber for years. My personal belief is that the Military have a lot more technology than we give them credit for...after all, if we have GPS and mega pixel cameras in our phones...then what have they got in their MissileS?! Civilian Technology is always years behind it's military application...

    fuel? this happened at night? fuel does light up? and if it wasn't fuel and it was some other chemical Russia has some cleaning up to do!

      It was lite up the same way the moon is lite up. By the sun!!! You do know it(the sun)is still all bright and shiny even when it's night time on half the earth.

    Did anyone notice on Tuesday evening, December 8th, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) smashed together subatomic particles at the highest energies ever reached by a human-made accelerator.

    Any connection here?

      No, none.

    Get real. It's not a "rocket". Obviously the LHC is tearing wholes in time.

    holes* haha, kiss my ass... =P

    The picture of the smoke at dawn is just like those seen over Southern California when Vandenburg shoots off a rocket...

    Aww, the Russians shot Down Our Alien! And before he could even abduct the Nobel Prize Commission. Oh well, at least Obama got a nice Photo Op in front of a Russian Missile.

    I don't believe it. Rockets do not emit bright blue exhaust. Since solar wink was calm, it didn't come from the Sun either.

    They're pulling our leg again.

    Fact: rocket trails are usually composed of propellants and gases and water which stay in the atmosphere for some minutes, even hours before dissipation.

    Question: How long was said light show?
    Answer : 2 minutes apprx in duration

    Fact: a rocket spiralling out of control is not on a set or defined course any more in its chatoic exit.

    Question: What shape appeared in the sky?
    Answer : A perfect spiralling shape that grew outward

    Fact: Witnesses report said object being mistaken for the Moon

    Question: How large would an object have to be in the sky to be mistaken for the moon?
    Answer : Approximately the size of Russia, Canada and the United States combined.

    It is not aliens. It is not a failed missle. I it, without a doubt, the culmination of years of research on Tesla (or some such sonic/magnetic) technology. We've known for years that Russia loves to tinker with weather manipulation and such. Here is the proof, leaked because of a bumbling security error on the part of the Russian military.

    Looks about right for an out of control rocket.
    While doing some missile shoots down in Caribbean 20 years ago we had a beam rider missile that got out of control. Instead of going up the pipe it made a curly pattern as it went up. Just contrails left behind from the launch no other lights.

    well gee let's all be good little sheep and follow orders/ believe what the big man says now. come on everyone knows that a weather balloon can make a huge trench in a field when it gently fizzles to the ground. and of course we landed on the moon 4 decades ago, even though no one on earth has been back there since. let's not forget that jet fuel can melt through anything like it's nothing at all & huge planes full of bodies can completely discenegrate if they hit military office buildings. of course you can hide hundreds of WMD in a few sand dunes too. don't be baaahhd sheep and believe what your told now!!!

    You people are funny.

    This is the same crowd that believes;
    - the moon landing was staged
    - 9/11 was a U.S. government conspiracy
    - etc., etc., etc...

    I once read a very interesting paper on why certain people have a "need" to believe conspiracy theories.

      people, this was caused by an alien i tells ya!!!! either that or god nutted.

        Yeah, sorry about that guys.
        It's all a big misunderstanding.

      Well I once read something too! So of course it must be true! But just in case lets give all the conspiracy theorist who have a need to see the truth instead of the daily con game, plenty of antidepressants and make some bucks for our pals, Big Pharma!

      I've got nothing to say about the moon landing (I think it happened), or etc., etc., etc... (I definitely think that happened), but indisputable laws of physics deny the official 9/11 story.

      Rather than waste your time reading about the motives behind conspiracy theorists, why not analyze the evidence of an event yourself and then develop your own opinion based on the facts?

      The way the towers fell neatly into their own footprints, through the path of _most_ resistance, at free-fall speeds as if there were no resistance, is enough by itself to make a thinking person wonder...

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