There Is No Carrot Nose Small Enough For The World's Tiniest Snowman

Snowman purists may object, because this smirking seasonal statue, which stands just one fifth as wide as a human hair, is actually built from tin and titanium, not fresh powder. But still!

The more you learn about this snowman, the less whimsical he becomes. He doesn't actually, glow blue; that's a lab-created effect. It's not actually snowing around him; that would appear to be a Photoshop trick. His facial features weren't lovingly assigned by breathless children; they were carved from metal with a focused ion beam. His nose is not a carrot or a coal, but a microscopic bead of platinum. Yet he is, undeniably, a snowman.

Just like that, except in the National Physics Laboratory in England, with a lone bacterium. Magical! [DailyMail via Dvice]

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