The Ultimate FAKE! Internet Whining

It's one of my pet peeves: Internet assclowns shouting "FAKE!" or "PHOTOSHOP!" while presented with any image that is unbelievably amazing. Like what is happening now with this stunning prize-winning photograph of a wolf jumping over a fence.

The photo was taken by Spanish photographer José Luís Rodriguez, and it won the British Natural History Museum's annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year, which is awarded jointly with the BBC Wildlife magazine. He beat 43,000 photographers to get the $US16,000 prize, but people on the internet are claiming the whole thing is a fake. They say the wolf - whose name they say is Ossian - was really held in captivity, and the jump was staged. Naturally, Rodriguez says those cries are false:

I have been a victim of a strong campaign of defamation on the part of a group of people - I presume photographers like myself - who have hidden behind internet nicknames. I can only say that the evidence that has been provided to support the claim that it is a captive wolf are unsubstantiated and that what should be examined is the veracity of this evidence and the way it has been gathered.

He said that it took him ages to find the right location, wait for the wolf - tempting him with meat - and take the photograph. I believe him. This is all internet bullshit. The wolf is not Ossian. It's clearly a computer-generated wolf, created in Autodesk's Maya and Pixar's Renderman. [Daily Mail]




    I don't even care if that is fake or not... That's a sick photo :P

    quit the whole 'fake' nonsense! it is truly an amazing photo! if you were to fake such an image for such a prestigious competition it would ruin your photography career!

    If its a tamed wolf then it's a fake according to the competitions rules. Wildlife experts say a wild wolf would squeeze thru the gate, not jump it. Nice pic though

    The real photo is amazing. The photo on this page looks like a heavily over compressed pile of crap, however. Almost nothing like the real thing.

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