The 10 Netbook Positions Of Exquisite Pain

I revisited this summer post from Core77 by Dave Malouf. I must have missed this amazing piece of research that explains the different positions one can use a netbook in, and the corresponding points of pain and stress each causes.

Researchers found that "a conventional small clamshell laptop is most comfortably used lying down in bed with the device on the thigh when the knees are kept up".

I spent months working in that very position after a bad motorcycle wreck in my 20s, and I concur that the best ergos I ever experienced, were in this position. (Could have been the Vicodins, though.) I miss this working stance; I need a desk chair that somehow emulates a bed. Or a bed that emulates a desk.

The study is part of an entire class taught by Malouf, sponsored by Freescale, investigating the form factor of the netbook in its entirety. [core 77]

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