The Place Where Cameras Are Reincarnated

Do you believe in gadget heaven? How about reincarnation? The Precision Camera repair facility brings a good part of a million smashed, malfunctioning and dead shooters back to life every year.

They get almost 3000 broken cameras a day - from warranties, users and extended warranties. Technicians focus their expertise on a particular brand and fix them using manufacturer specific diagnosis machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each. The Nikon and Olympus camera repair lines are in one building, with Sony, Kodak and Fuji in another. Most repairs happen in three days or less.

The company has been around since 1948 but they don't fix film loading devices any more, citing the rising costs of parts.

If your camera dies, it'll probably go somewhere like this if you care enough about it to give it a second lease on life. [Courant]

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