The Musical Liquor Cabinet Puts Your Vices In Stereo

I'm surprised something like the Swig & Jig hadn't been invented yet, but so glad that someone finally got around to making a liquor cabinet that throws a party every time you take out a drink.

The cabinet, a creation of Alex Vessels and Katherine Keane for NYU's ITP Winter Show, features several compartments to store your potables. Each of these is outfitted with a switch, so that when you remove a bottle, the Swig & Jig lights up and plays a song. The best part: it's fully programmable, meaning that each drink gets its own unique accompaniment. That means, in this case, the Pogues for Jamison, Etta James for a bottle of white wine, MGMT for PBR and so on.

It almost makes me sad, knowing that when I take my cheap drinkin' scotch off the shelf tonight, it could be playing the sad trombone I deserve. [ITP Winter Show]

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