The Five Most Overpriced Cables

I have a box of cables in my closet. I don't know what the hell half of them are for. What I do know is that I certainly didn't pay several hundred—much less over a thousand—dollars for them.

$US300: Virtual Dynamics Power 3 Cables The Virtual Dynamics Power 3 Cable is actually on the cheaper end of this collection of overpriced wires, but to me it's a product straight outta Cable Hell.

Why am I so harsh about something innocently overpriced? Because once upon a time, some guy's cat torn up one of these cables and he discovered that the $US300 pile of crap contained only about $US15 worth of components.

$US500: Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable When it comes to the Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable, a cool $US500 gets you 1.5 meters of "high-purity copper wire" which speciallly structured to "thoroughly eliminate adverse effects from vibration." Seriously? I think I'd rather cope with my cables vibrating instead of listening to an empty echo in my wallet. [Amazon]

$US1000: Wireworld's Platinum Starlight HDMI Cable At $US1000 per meter, Wireworld's Platinum Starlight HDMI cables oughta contain actual platinum conductors instead of solid silver ones. Don't worry though, you can get that "patent-pending DNA Helix conductor design" in versions up to 30 meters long.[Engadget]

$US1800: Piezo Powerflux Power Cord I don't recall hearing about the Piezo Powerflux Power Cord ever actually being for sale since it was announced long, long ago. Maybe someone realised that whether it's the "Most Sophisticated Power Cord and Connectors in the World" or not, a $US1800 power cord just won't fly.

Any Monster Brand Cable I doubt that I even need to say why Monster's cables fall into the "seriously overpriced" category. After all, this is the company who thinks that lowering a cable's prices down to $US100 will make us jump for joy and race to the store when we could just as well use coat hangers instead.

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