The Fastest Train In The World

The fastest commercial train in the world is now fully armed and operational, covering the line between New York and San Francisco. OK, I lied. Actually, that's what I wanted to write. Sadly for us, it's in China.

Developed with Siemens, Bombardier and Alstom, the new train swooshes across the red land at 394km/h. The service covers 1068km at an average of 350km/h, which means it's the fastest train in operation in the world according to China's railways ministry. It's part of the network of 42 high-speed lines that will be finished by 2012. If you have never tried these amazing trains in Europe or Japan, imagine going from New York to Chicago in just a bit over three hours, no absurd controls, no waits, no taxis needed.

The new Chinese high-speed lines will increase their total network from 86,000km to 120,000km. That's still smaller than the US railway system which, by contrast, only has one single "high-speed" line, bridging the 734km that separate Boston with New York at a whooping 113km/h average, totalling seven hours. Don't take that line, folks. It will liquefy your brain. [Time of India]

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