The Biggest Australian iTunes Purchases Of 2009

The US posted the American iTunes Store's biggest purchases of 2009 overnight, but Apple Australia has just announced the biggest local sellers. Are there any surprises? Find out below. Games 2009In the games top sellers list, there's no surprise that the number one spot is taken by The Sims 3. What's awesome though is that local Aussie developer Firemint has not one, but two games in the top 10: Flight Control and Real Racing. Considering the rest are from pretty major publishers, that's a fantastic achievement.

apps 2009Satnav apps. This year was all about the satnav apps. TomTom, Navigon, Sygic, and TomTom New Zealand all made the top 10, which is especially impressive considering they've only been on sale for six months or so. It would seem the top ten is based on revenue, rather than downloads then.

Also worth noting is that two of the apps in the top ten are very Aussie specific - Aussie Rules Live and Optus Mobile Usage, which outranked even the official Optus app that does the same thing.

There are also rundowns of music, TV, and movie purchases on iTunes over the year, but considering how highly crap music/TV/movies rate in this country, I'm not going to mention them, you can check them out for yourself via the link below.

[iTunes Rewind 2009]

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