Targus' 100W Auto Power Inverter Fits In Your Cup Holder

targus inverterPower inverters aren't exactly what we consider to be a "sexy" gadget. They're generally ugly boxes that look duller than Kevin Rudd's iPod music collection, yet are really something that no gadget fan should go without on long drives. The new 100W Auto Power Inverter from Targus is the first inverter I've seen that actually has some kind of function in its design, in that it's shaped to fit into most cars' cup holders.

It sounds obvious, but this is a pretty important step forward. Instead of bulky devices that don't really fit anywhere, you can get one of these, plug it in and leave it in the cup holder while you charge your gadgets via the standard AC outlet on the top.

It'll set you back $110, but for the ability to always have a charged gadget, no matter where you are, I'd say that's a price well worth paying.


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