"Synthehol" Substance Could Turn Drunkenness On And Off At Will

Another year, another Star Trek "Synthehol" story. This time, however, there's some promise. Could hangover-free late night binges be the feel good story of 2010?

For now, the answer is maybe, as is often the case with wild new scientific discoveries - especially those that pertain to the mythical substance first consumed by the crews seen in the Star Trek universe.

This latest substance is being developed in a way that mimics Valium by a man named, I shit you not, Professor Nutt. He's totally sane though, and claims this substance delivers all the inebriating effects of alcohol, but without the mood-altering and addiction side effects. Better still, he claims that drinkers will be able to flush their system almost immediately with an antidote. Need to drive home after a rager of a holiday party? No problem! Pop a pill and you'll soon be good to go.

That said, it's time for the cold water dose of reality that accompanies seemingly every science-related story seen in a mainstream news publication these days. You see, Prof. Nutt is without funding or a test country that's willing to change regulations and allow such a substance onto the open market. The liquor industry has also shown little interest, which I find unfortunate. Wouldn't they sell more drinks this way? [The Telegraph via Slashdot]

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