Studios Begin To Push TV Episodes' Digital Release Before DVD

Showtime has begun selling episodes of Weeds online before the show's full-season DVD release, a first for the series. And Weeds isn't nearly the only one - is Hollywood finally embracing digital downloads as the successor to DVD?

Well, sort of. This is really more of a symbolic shift than a full-scale adoption. Thing is, even as DVD sales decline and Blu-ray fails to explode, they both still dwarf revenues from digital downloads - so you can't really blame the studios for moving slowly.

But pushing the digital release ahead of the physical, as in Weeds and a few other movies and TV shows, is a definite shift for the studios. Typically, they've tried to protect physical media with its larger profit margin, so this is a pretty big change for them - but it remains to be seen how widespread and how soon the digital adoption will be. [WSJ via Electronista]

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