Spandau Ballet To Be First Intergalactic Band Aboard Enterprise

Last week, I invoked the wrath of trance fans everywhere by suggesting Above & Beyond - rumoured to be the first musical act in space - should be kept up there. Turns out Richard Branson chose Spandau Ballet instead.

I think I now want a ticket aboard Enterprise even more than I did before.

They're performing just one song, rumoured to be either "Gold", "True" or "I'll Fly For You" (surprising news to anyone who thought they had just two songs) if Spandau Ballet guitarist/saxophonist Steve Norman is to be believed. With only six passengers and two pilots allowed on that first Enterprise flight, the five Spandau Balleters will make up almost half the human weight. Although judging by the looks of Tony Hadley these days, maybe it'd be more like 50/50. [The List]

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