Some Guy Made This Telescope For His Wife

Not to make all of you feel horrible about the gifts you gave your wife, but you see this telescope? Some guy made this by hand for his wife. And no, his name wasn't Copernicus.

He's never attempted woodworking before, but tackled this project with absolute determination. I'm a huge space geek, and have been fascinated with the night sky almost all of my life. I've talked of wanting a good telescope, and it would have been very easy for him to just make a stop by the store to pick one up. That he spent weeks working on this for me makes it the most special gift I've ever received.

Sure, you couldn't make a Kindle or a 47-inch Plasma TV by hand - at least nothing comparable in quality to the real thing - but did you even try? Huh?

So Rachel, you've got a really nice husband, but he's probably cheated on you in the past year. That's the only logical explanation. [Make]

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