So Just Where Does All That IPhone Money Go?

To Apple, mostly. But El Jobso benevolently allows some of his gold coins to trickle down to a number of other parties, as detailed by this helpful infographic from GigaOm. [GigaOm]


    heh, where's the arrow from the person showing the $1000's of dollars spent on the contract???

    this is what I mean! how can you even consider $199 to be the cost of the phone! all these smug idiots that respond to "the iphone is expensive" with "oh, I got mine for free!"

    the U.S get a pretty raw deal actually having to pay for some of the phone as well!!

    the same idiots that will dis the PS3 for being 'too expensive' just cause its got a high initial price, and then spend $1000's of dollars on a phone just because "oh, it was free!!!1!1!"

    if it comes to anyone as a surprise that apple takes a bunch of the contract money, they are an idiot.

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