Seven Planning To Improve Its Online TV Service

Channel 7 vodAccording to a story on Mumbrella this morning, Channel 7 is apparently planning on revamping its online service from January, dramatically increasing the quantity of content you'll be able to watch for free* on their Yahoo!7 portal. It may not be a local Hulu, but it's a start...

There are a few clips from a few shows available to watch now, but it's nothing even approaching the quality of iView. Mumbrella says that the new service will include shows like "Home & Away, FlashForward, Greys Anatomy, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Heroes and the soon-to-be launched My Kitchen Rules."

At the moment, there are some shows that let you catch up on the last episode, although the full episode option is a bit erratic at the moment. Hopefully this new portal will address that issue come January.

The price of this catchup service - aside from the bandwidth cost? You'll have to tolerate both a pre-roll ad and mid-roll ad(s). Not too bad a price for VOD, unless they decide to run ads as often as they do on TV. Can't imagine that being a popular option...

[Mumbrella via Lifehacker]

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    This might be the only time Seven runs on a schedule!

    There following of schedules is a joke. If they think it will stop people using PVRs etc then they are wrong, people will just switch off or over.

      we launched this today all channels on PC and Mobile, worth a look

    I used channel 7's online catch-up service for the first time yesterday to watch the final episode of FlashForward for 2009. It was almost a too-good-to-be-true experience: pause at will, watch whenever and wherever you want, work at the same time, and NO ADS!

    Infrequent advertising will be a small price to pay for the convenience of watching a show on MY schedule - not the network's. Hopefully, they'll do what Hulu does and mark where the ads are in the video timeline, so you know when they're coming up.

    These things are developing so slowly in Aus. What we really need is for some aggregated freeview catchup on-demand service (huluish) so the content is easier to aggregate and display on different devices.

    I dont want to have a media PC attached to a tv and having to browse to each of the different sites through a browser interface, its just not a nice lounge room experience.

    Aggregation + distribution peoples.

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