Ricoh, Stussy Remind Us Of Their Existence With A Limited Edition

As my first digital camera was a Ricoh, I have a very soft spot for them. This limited edition version of the GR Digital III looks amazing with its blue accents, and whaddya know, clothes-house Stussy helped design it.

It's apparently the 30th birthday of Stussy, and to celebrate they've splashed it with a day-glo blue, though little else has changed. The GR Digital III went on sale in August this year, and has a 28mm/F1.9 lens, 10-megapixel 1/1.7-inch CCD sensor with 4x digital zoom and ISO of 64-1,600. It takes video, though only manages 640x480 at 15/30fps.

On the outside, the LCD screen measures three inches, and there's an SD card slot for saving those valuable pics. The main attraction to this limited edition model is, of course, that day-glo blue, and the Stussy logo... though I can't imagine that being much of an incentive to anyone past 1995, if I'm honest.

On sale in Japan in February, only 500 of the 99,750 Yen ($1250) cameras have been created so you better get your Japanese chums to act quickly on the exporting front. [Akihabara News]

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