Review: The Perfect iPhone Case For Me Smells Like Cocoa

Here's the "Homade" chococase I picked up at Tokyu Hands Department Store in Tokyo yesterday. It's better than I expected. Because a) it not only looks like chocolate, it actually smells like chocolate and b) it doubles as a stand.

It also comes with a free cleaning cloth and plastic screen protector (which I will not be using). It is, unfortunately a little loose, as I think it was meant to accommodate a 1st gen iPhone, too, but nothing unbearable on my 3GS. A bigger issue for you may be the bulkiness, and the grip being so enhanced that this case will not easily slip into tighter pockets.

I like it a lot more than I expected I would. I also find myself compelled to bite into it. This could end up being a bit of an issue.

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