Remainders - The Good, Bad And Ugly Things We Didn't Post

Today in the last frontier otherwise known as Remainders, we've got a mysterious (possibly viral) video involving an apartment stowaway, a prank featuring gay porn and an LCD TV, and a surefire way to kill your Facebook self.

Video Shows Mysterious Stranger Hiding Out in NYC Apartment Crawlspace This is a video that's been making the rounds lately, but I've never seen it and it sparked a lot of discussion amongst the staff this morning. That it's fake we could all agree on, but exactly why - that we couldn't decide. A viral video? But for what? What could be the purpose of faking such an odd thing, besides hundreds of thousands of YouTube views? Take a look and see for yourself. [YouTube]

Free LCD TV - Nevermind the Burned-In Gay Porn This is a pretty great prank. I'll let the Craigslist listing explain it:

My room mate thought it would be "hysterical" to pause gay porn on my TV while my girlfriend and I were on vacation for 2 weeks, thus burning and image into the screen. So...If you dont [sic]mind a sillouette [sic]of a skinny white guy taking a load in the face from the biggest black penis in recorded history forever adorning your new TV, its yours.

Childish, yes. Hilarious, also yes. [Craigslist]

Facebook Allows Users to Gift iTunes Gift Cards to Other Users This ends up in Remainders because I am literally snoring right now, as I type this, but Facebook is now allowing users to buy and deliver iTunes gift cards through the site. You can choose which date the gift will be delivered (like, say, a birthday), which is actually a pretty nice feature. This is, unfortunately, US-only for now, because people who hate freedom enough to resist living in the Land of the Free don't deserve iTunes gift cards. [TUAW]

Seppukoo Lets You Kill Your Facebook Self It sounds kind of interesting in theory: An entire site dedicated to eradicating Facebook profiles. It must be some kind of statement on avoiding association with social networking, right? Well, no; it's actually just another social networking site, trying to get you to cancel your account with the most popular one. It's not going so well, either - apparently only six people "killed" their profiles yesterday. [Techie]

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