Remainders - The Good, Bad And Ugly Things We Didn't Post

The holiday hangover days between Christmas and New Year's are sort of the year's remainders to begin with, so it's a perfectly appropriate time to check out these remainders: Google phones, space probes, misspellings, and one serious party popper.

Google Phone On Wheels You can count on Engadget to watch the FCC website like a hawk, and today they spotted a tasty little critter: a Bluetooth car dock for the HTC Nexus One. We can't blame you if you're a little tired of hearing about the Nexus One by now, but you might not have to hear that name much longer. The filings show "Google Phone" listed as the device's trade name, but does it really matter what they call it at this point? [Engadget]

Halfway To A New Horizon Wired didn't have the patience to wait until the thing actually got there, so now we know that the New Horizons space probe is officially halfway to Pluto. That's sort of like calling your wife to let her know you're halfway home. Still, zipping along at 50,000km/h, the probe is the fastest thing man's ever made, so it's making pretty good time. New Horizons is scheduled to pass by Pluto in July 2015. [Wired]

Spell Check Our friends at The Oatmeal sent this cute infographic of common spelling mistakes our way. Theirs alot more to it than just "loose" and "lose", so check it out weather you think your guilty or knot. Wait is that how you spell "knot"? I keep typing it and it looks really weird. Just kidding. We're flawless spellers and know all of our readers to be the same. [The Oatmeal]

Have A Blast This New Year's If you always felt like those little party poppers had about one ninth of the celebratory firepower you were looking for, well, today's your lucky day. This enterprising soul has taken the popping to the next level by constructing the Party Popper Claymore, a contraption that lets you fire off nine of the tiny plastic cannons - "PP"s, he abbreviates them - with one exhilarating yank. If you want to give the Party Popper Claymore a go yourself, follow the link for the Openscad files. But first ask yourself if spending an hour making your own PPC is really the best way to start a fresh year. [Make]

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