Remainders - The Good, Bad And Ugly Stories We Didn't Post (and Why)

In today's forgotten corner of Gizmodo that is Remainders, we've got OK Go's new tech-courting music video, ever more info on the Apple-Lala acquisition, a super (Mario) cross-stitch project, and Ellen Degeneres's gadgety Christmas giveaway. Buckle up, you guys.

OK Go's New Music Video Reminds Me of My First Computer OK Go, masters of both slightly quirky power pop and internet promotion, have unleashed their newest video, for "WTF." You know how on older, crappy Windows machines, images or windows would sometimes get stuck and leave trails whenever you moved them? This is pretty much like that. Fun! [Vimeo]

Apple May Have Bought Lala Bought for a Song (Oh God I Am Too Much) As if you didn't get enough Lala-Apple news today, a new report surfaced that says Apple may have bought the streaming audio company for about 50 cents on the dollar. "But if that's so cheap, how come this story's in Remainders?" you might ask. Well, imaginary commenter, it's in Remainders because of this quick update:

A second source close to the company insists my estimate is "way off" but won't offer up other details.

We'll update on the Apple-Lala situation when we have some more solid info on what this means for us. [All Things D]

Super Mario Cross-Stitch Is Cool Enough to Get Me to Google "Cross-Stitch" According to Wikipedia, it is "a popular form of counted-thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches are used to form a picture." This one, to my totally untrained eye, looks really great, an elegant addition to any living room. [A Little Stranger]

Ellen Degeneres Gives Away Pixi, Nokia Booklet and Upside-Down Nook for Christmas On her talk show, Ellen Degeneres began her annual gift giveaway with an all-tech first day. Included in the roundup: A PowerMat charger, MiFi, Palm Pixi, Nokia Booklet (the audience starts shrieking at "weighs less than three pounds" for that one—how did they guess what it was based on that?), and a B&N Nook, which she proudly holds upside-down. Pretty good roundup, really, but you should check out our Gift Guides to see what we'd have suggested. [Engadget]

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