Remainders - Good And Bad Stuff We Didn't Post (And Why)

iPhone Provider rumours, crazy putty, Japanese security systems and Dell smartphones are showing up in the remainders today. Plus, four things we actually like, but aren't gadgety enough to post.

Some analyst says that T-Mobile, and not Verizon, is going to be getting the iPhone when AT&T's exclusivity ends. The emphasis is on the "some analyst" part of that last sentence, hence the reason why we didn't post it. [Apple Insider]

This Sugur polymer clay supposedly dries in 30 minutes and hardens into a heat resistant, semi-flexible solid. It sounds quite a lot like silly putty, which has been around for half a century. Has Sugur been to space? [Boingboing]

This Japanese security system sprays a stink on thieves. The theory is, you can't wash the stink off for a week, so it's like being caught red-handed a week later. Too bad your crap's still gone and the thief can hide out for a week. [Crunchgear]

The Dell Mini 3iX just showed up in Brazil. Until this thing shows up in the US—even though this is Dell—we're not interested. [Zumo via Engadget]

Tennis "star" Andy Murray gets dumped by his girlfriend because he apparently played PlayStation 3 for 7 hours a day. So says the Sun, who has actually taken down the post that everyone is linking to for some reason. Seriously, seven hours a day? It doesn't matter if you're Andy Murray or Tiger Woods, but if you play PS3 for seven hours a day, you're knifing your relationship in the throat. [Telegraph]

This is the kinda crazy nonsense car art that went on in the '70s and '80s. I mean, we love it, but it really is nonsense. [Jalopnik]

Wait...this guy looks familiar.

The many faces of a Space Invader

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