Ralph Lauren Ski Jacket Has iPod Controls, Recco Rescue System

Dress like the dark horse you are for the ski slopes with Ralph Lauren's RLX Aerotype jacket. The super-resistant, double-layered snow jacket has iPod controls for listening to, err, Snow Patrol.

Made from a microfibre shell, the cuffs are adjustable and drawcords feature heavily for protecting your body from the chills. A bit of padding is included around the bottom, elbows and shoulder, lest you take a tumble. And if you get lost, the Recco Avalanche Rescue system will ensure you're found in no time at all.

Ralph Lauren's just decreased the price from $US1290 to $US779.99, so if you're looking for a safe, resistant jacket for skiing and snowboarding in, this could be the garb for you. [Ralph Lauren via Uncrate]

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