Quadriplegic Man Gets Licence To Control Shotgun With His Mouth

Jamie Capp was paralysed playing football in high school, robbing him of the ability to hunt. But now, after a two-and-a-half year legal battle, he's obtained a hunting licence.

Jamie is now able to hunt using a 12-gauge shotgun attached to a battery-powered machine, operated via breathing tube.

For a quadriplegic, firing a shotgun requires help from a companion. In Mr Cap's case, a friend sets up the contraption, safety on, on Mr Cap's wheelchair and Mr Cap aims the shotgun by moving the toggle switch with his mouth. Once his partner releases the safety, Mr Cap fires by sipping on the breathing tube.

It's great that the technology exists to allow Jamie to continue to enjoy a hobby that he loved before his accident. [Telegraph via Geekologie]

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