Peter Jackson Now Accepting Applications For Extras In The Hobbit

Quick, grab the ent-draught and gather 'round, for I have some exciting news from Middle Earth! Peter Jackson has put out word that extras for The Hobbit are in dire need. Fancy being in the LOTR prequel? Read on...

Director Guillermo del Toro and executive producer and co-writer Peter Jackson have just a few requests for the hairy-footed: applications are accepted only by snail mail, a casting video must be included, and New Zealand citizens get priority over other nationalities.

I'm well aware that the Hobbit was set sometime between the "Dawn of Færie" and the "Dominion of Men", but surely their application requirements could be more suited to the 21st century? If only so we can chuckle at YouTube entries of curly-haired Kiwis lisping over their lines. We might even spot a new Figwit that way, destined to go on to greats things like Flight of the Conchords. [PopWatch]

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