Owen E1 Ereader Suits Dirty-Fingered Readers

Yet another ereader has floated face-up to the surface of the pool, with Owen's E1 being one of the smallest around. The screen is a small 5-inches (compared to say, the Kindle, which is 6-inches).

I don't know if you've noticed, but apart from COOL-ER's crazy-colourful models, most ereaders tend to be white for some inexplicable reason. It's nice to see Owen has given a thought to the dirty-digited, with this sensible black one.

Internally, specs sound basic, though it does have MP3 player functionality. As to whether it'll launch outside of China, that remains to be seen - but for now, let's just hope that the other manufacturers take inspiration from this daring non-white or silver model. [PMP Today]

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