Optus Zoo TV Now Available On The iPhone

Optus have just announced that they’re enabling their Zoo TV service for the iPhone. So you’ll be able to watch clips from The Wiggles and Summer Heights High on the go.

They’ve also launched three new live TV shows: Sky News, Sky News Sport and The Music Factory, with each channel costing $3 a month each for unmetered watching.

To access the TV programming on your iPhone, all you need to do is send an SMS to 966 with the word “iTV” , and you’ll receive a reply text with a link inside.

There are less channels available for the iPhone – namely just the three new ones, plus The Wiggles ($1.50 a clip) and Summer Heights High ($0.50 a clip).

Also, you should probably read the T&Cs before you send that text – apparently you can’t access the service via a bookmark, or you might end up with additional charges.