On Executive Assclowns

I've seen a lot of strong reaction to Jesus's funny post on assclowns today. People screamed fanboy, and said calling them "assclowns" and the photoshopping clown noses on their faces was a bit much. But the main thing is, those quotes were in context. And I think it was astounding how wrong and overly confident these competitors were. You can't dismiss anyone, let alone Apple. It was idiotic lip service and if they truly felt that way, they weren't doing their jobs properly.

Of course, we aren't saying Apple got it right out the gate. Our review specifically said to wait, because although there were no other alternatives at the time with such forward thinking interfaces, they had some very basic features missing that were par for high end phones in 1997. Like EDGE, Video camera and GPS. And had no apps at the time. Sure, sure, battery life would have been bad with those things, but whatever. It was flawed. We know that. What we also know is that if it took care of the easy things listed above — which it has in recent versions of software and hardware, it would be the category killer it is today. Hence, the recommendation of "wait" not, "get something else". For regular people—not business folks who need enterprise features like those offered by Blackberry and Winmo phones, or those who care about specs and not interfaces—we think its crazy the execs at these other phone business companies didn't see its potential and allure. And it's definitely a part of any exec's job to watch out for threats, not dismiss them offhandedly, flippantly and arrogantly. For the sake of the shareholders', workers' security and, also, pride. For these mistakes—mistakes you and I recognised years ago—I think calling these highly paid folks asshats is the least we can do.

That's why when I woke up in Calfornia and saw Jesús's post, it surprised me, but quickly, I wrote him an email saying I loved the post.

Of course, to be fair, I'm already working on assigning a story with the theme of "5 Things Apple Stole From Other Companies That Make Them Look Like Asshats." Maybe I'll make Jesús write it.

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