New Telstra Tough Mobile Lets You Beat It Up Without Breaking It

Telstra Tough T90 UI WEBHow many times have you wanted to throw your phone across the room into the wall? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? Well, Telstra's just released a new tough phone that would let you do just that.

Okay, so they don't actually recommend throwing the Tough T90 against a wall. They don't even recommend you drop it. However they do reckon it's "rated IP54 for water and dust protection and drop tested for shock resistant reliability". Which is the same as throwing it against a wall, right?

It's a Telstra branded phone, so it's got a custom Telstra UI. It comes with a 2MP camera, A-GPS, 3G (well, it is a NextG phone) and big ass buttons for dialling with gloves. It's also Blue tick rated, which should mean better coverage in the bush.

It's available for $679 outright or $0 on a $60 plan from Telstra. Pricey for a dumbphone, but if you're a tradey or adventurer type, it could come in handy I guess.


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