MyTVR Is Your Online DVR Service

MyTVR Is Your Online DVR Service

mytvrHot on the heels of Channel 7’s announcement that they’re planning on expanding their VOD offering next year, a little startup called MyTVR has launched its online DVR service. And it’s actually pretty good.

Once you register for the service (and you’ll need to be in Sydney or Melbourne to use it at the moment), you can browse the EPG and schedule recordings. You get half an hour recording free a month, but if you want more it will cost you (3 hours costs $5.85 a month, 12 hours costs $7.85 a month). But no matter which package you choose, once your show has been recorded, you can watch it either your PC via a streaming video service or on your mobile phone using the mobile browser on your iPhone, iPod Touch or media enabled Nokia handset.

From a very brief play that I’ve had today, the interface is incredibly intuitive and video quality is pretty sweet. The recording time for an episode of 30 Rock started a bit early, but better that than miss the first five minutes of a show, right?

Worth noting are the bandwidth issues, especially for mobile phone viewing. But if you’re looking for a way to record your favourite TV shows and watch them on your PC, this could be a good alternative.