Mysterious Spiral Explanation Was Part Of Alien Sighting Cover-Up

I admit it: I'm part of a worldwide plot coordinated by a secret international agency. We're the same people who covered the fake Apollo landings, JFK's assassination, and Tom Cruise. Fortunately, some readers uncovered the truth behind Norway's mysterious spiral.

You are right, dear UFO and strange phenomena experts who sent these emails, showing how futile this cover-up operation is. It is true, this is not what happened. That's why I'm sharing your very serious theories on the matter with in Gizmodo (yes, these are serious emails and comments from real readers).

This is by far the best of them all:

hello im [edited]and i have studied every singel rocket lunch in history even the first japs experiments in the 2nd dinesty and never in history has there been a blue trail, the only trail that has ever has bin has bin orenge/red not blue + fule dose not burn and stay in in the air burning blue for 2 nims let alone for 12 mins that i have got reports of from an eye witneses and the secont point i have is that why would i rocket just stop in mid air and just sit in a spiral for at least 2 mins tell me the resan for that jesus! and befor u explane YOU CAN`T BECAUSE IT brakes the laws of pyshecs. now dont get me wrong if you can get me the satlite infomatin recording the lunch of the rocket and how it stops in mid air like that + your simulaton of the rocket is all wrong becausethe spirel was purfitly diaginaly strate. now if u can it explane that i will beleave it.

your computer simulation does not look the same. This spiral is clearly flat. this spiral hovered. Your spiral moves through space, like a missile should. Also, it appears from the videos that the blue light emanated from the spiral and descended towards the ground, not at all what one would expect from an exhaust trail.

It's the H.A.A.R.P military program. Here's the url to get you started.

Seems odd to me that the white portion of the plume doesn't look more like the blue portion being as it must be travelling at a good rate of speed. You would think that they would both be in sink. While I agree that your explanation is quite reasonable, that white portion of the plume makes me wonder.

Although I'm merely a layperson who studies cosmology and plasma physics in their free time (you can see my postings on Digg's forum under the handle pln2bz), the aurora is known to be a plasma phenomenon. Plasma is known to people simply as the "fourth state of matter", but it is actually the universe's preferred state for matter (99 per cent of the matter we see in space is in the plasma state).

So, in a general sense, whenever you see something unusual in the sky, it's vital that you consult plasma physicists to see what they think. In particular, I would point you to Wal Thornhill, who has been correlating the behaviour of laboratory plasmas to cosmic plasmas for many years now. His website.

We know from the laboratory that plasmas tend to form filaments. And more than that, these filaments possess both a long-range attraction and short-range repulsion with one another due to what's called the right-hand rule. In other words, the filaments will tend to spiral around one another as they conduct electricity.

Anthony Peratt has performed extensive research actually on this subject, in the process correlating "Squatter Man" rock art with laboratory plasma physics principles. You can get a feel for what I'm talking about here by reading this...

Plasmas can take on numerous different morphologies (shapes) based upon their charge density. So, here we have a characteristic helical shape. What you are seeing here is almost certainly a transfer of charged particles over plasmas aka a "Birkeland Current". What's not really clear to me, as a layperson, however is why this structure superficially appears to penetrate our ionosphere. Diffuse plasma structures like this (in contrast with lightning) tend to be very rare beneath the ionosphere. Here on Earth, we generally exist within a thin shell of non-plasma. Perhaps I'm not properly viewing the structure, and all of it exists within the ionosphere (?).

I'm quite sure that the Electric Universe Theorists will enjoy commenting on this structure. If you are interested, I can keep you in the loop on what they say about it. Many people, btw, believe that cosmic plasmas do not frequently conduct electricity in spite of the fact that we see perfect parallels between cosmic and laboratory plasmas (which we excite with electrical currents in plasma laboratories like the z-machine). If nothing else, this structure would tend to support the notion that cosmic plasmas do indeed regularly conduct electricity, and that there is merit to David Talbott's attempts to correlate laboratory plasma physics with human mythology and ancient art.

It is really an amazing sight, eh? I'm very jealous that I did not get to witness it myself. I think I would have shit my pants.

But hold on a second, the RM-56 Buluva missile is powered by solid fuel rocket motors. I would have though for fuel to produce the spiral pattern it would need to be liquid fuelled so the fuel could escape and turn into vapour...

I can also create an animation in 3d Studio Max that looks exactly like the photos and videos taken. The example video shown doesn't tell us a damn thing other than that someone can creates some neato 3d animations. Gooood job.

If it was supposedly a rocket, then I have to ask: Why would a rocket make a fluorescent blue glowing trail that sits there for many minutes? Last I heard, rockets generally create a smoke trail, not some neon blue glow-in-the-dark trail. That explanation is pretty weaksauce IMO...

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