Mojave Desert Solar Farm Blocked By Senator Dianne Feinstein

The Mojave Desert - last seen on our virtual pages when the SpaceShipTwo was unveiled - has leapt into the news again today, thanks to Senator Dianne Feinstein's legislation which will stop 13 solar plants and wind turbines from moving in.

It'll certainly be a hindrance to California's plans of generating a third of their electricity from the renewable energy made from the million acres that had been slated for the ecofriendly wind-traps. Feinstein's reason for blocking the move is due to the national monuments which were promised to the area a decade ago, the land having been donated by an environmental group.

Sure, solar farms don't exactly add much to the beautiful scenery of the Mojave Desert, but I remember seeing on a road trip between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe earlier this year the most amazing collection of windmills - I was awed. It'd be a sad day if Feinstein manages to get her legislation passed, but on the other hand, I can very much appreciate wanting to protect such important land. A million acres, though - surely we can come to some sort of compromise? [NYT]

Image Credit: Lassi.Kurkijavi

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