Mirror's Edge Coming To The iPhone In January

Love it, hate it, or occasionally vomit because of it, you have to admit that Mirror's Edge was one of the more interesting games of the last few years. And now it's coming to the iPhone.

If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, here's Mirror's Edge in a nutshell: Parkour, with bullets. Which is an unusually hearty mix! The few early screens show what looks like a 3D sidescroller/platformer, which means that the iPhone version is a sort of hybrid game, somewhere between the original and the fantastic 2D Flash version that EA posted for free. Either way: awesome.

Especially since this is one of the few types of games that could actually benefit from the iPhone's tilt-based controls, as opposed to most franchise translations, which see every last ounce of joy sucks from their essence by that cursed accelerometer, and that god-forsken panel of glass. [Kotaku]

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