Mapkats Warns You When Parking Inspectors Are Booking Your Car

At Gizmodo HQ in Sydney, there aren't a lot of options for parking your car. Sure, there are a few one hour parking spots, but that means you have to drag yourself away from gadgety goodness every hour to check if your car's been marked. Fortunately, Aussie developer Andrew Tweedie has taken it upon himself to launch Mapkats, an iPhone app that lets you follow the movements of those ticketing bastards that are the bane of drivers everywhere.

The app allows users to place colour-coded markers onto Google Maps, which indicates the location of ticket inspectors and gives other drivers an indication of where to avoid. The markers fade from red (marked within the past 30 minutes) to orange (marked within the last hour) to yellow (marked within last two hours) after a couple of hours, so you know they've moved on.

The problem with the service is a minor one, in that it requires users to upload the markers themselves, which in itself requires lots of users to be effective. Still, anything that takes on those stupid revenue raising assholes is a winner in our books.

[Mapkats via Lifehacker and]

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