IWallet Is The Undisputed Fort Knox Of Wallets

A $US600 carbon fibre and Kevlar wallet ($US299 for fiberglass version) might seem expensive, but if you frequently forget your wallet or mobile phone, it could be the best money you ever spent. It's loaded up with Bluetooth and biometrics.

Here is how it works: the wallet connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. When the two objects are separated by more than 15-30 feet, the wallet will sound an alarm. So, in reality, it is really protecting you from losing two important items. The wallet also features a biometric fingerprint reader that will only open for its owner. On the other hand, if you leave both your mobile phone and wallet behind, you are still screwed. Probably even more so since the wallet was so dammed expensive. The wallets are available for pre-order now in several colours, with shipments starting on December 11th. [iwallet via Gear Diary via OhGizmo via DVICE]



    I wonder what happens if your phone dies/turned off or you don't have a phone or one with bluetooth? Does the alarm go off all the time?? I see flaws with this product..

      If it doesn't sell he can always get back into the porn industry I guess.....

    Everything is better with bluetooth!

    Another piece of iCrap

    Wonder how long the battery lasts, and if it goes flat because your are on holidays and forgot the charger, then you are really screwed

    I don't see this as a theft deterrent at all I can't imagine it would be that difficult to crack open.

    If some dude mugs you and asks for cash you got to open the thing anyway.

    Much cheaper to have a second wallet handy for the odd mugging events.

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