It's Been A Good Week In Video Games

Updates to Diablo II, porn star gamer dating tips, Gamers 4 Croydon, Michael Atkinson and more on the Aussie censorship debate - all great stories you can read over on Kotaku this week.

Wii Has Better Exclusives Than PS3, Xbox 360 The verdict from IGN's AU Console Showdown.

Why We’re Getting Napoleon: Total War, Not Hitler: Total War Creative Assembly, Total War and the exploits of one man.

Helpful Tips To Avoid Aussie Censor’s Banhammer

Gamers 4 Croydon Membership Drive Declared Huge Success Australia’s first gamer rights political party had a good weekend.

Atkinson Claims “Misinformed”, Designed To Stir “Moral Panic” Two industry veterans respond to South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson's opposition to an R18+ classification.

David Jaffe: Aussie Censorship Is “Utter BS” God of War creator speaks out over Australia's classification system.

Aussie Parents Like Console Locks; Don’t Know They Already Have Them

Dead Space 2: Multiplayer, Bigger World, Space-Floating This could be both fun and nauseating!

Ever Wonder How Much Money Has Been Sunk Into America's Army? You don't want to know.

Five Steps to Total Pwnage of a Gamer Girl's Heart In case you didn't have the attention span to take all 10 prerequisite steps.

Xbox 360 Game Helps You Talk To Girls No it doesn't.

Pokemon Teaches Your Children To Worship Satan No no, Pokemon IS Satan.

Blizzard Patches Diablo II, Beta Test It Now My old discs are about 5 feet away...

PlayStation Home Director Wants "Mini-MMOs" On The Service Interesting idea.

Frankenreview: The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Spoiler: the reviews deem it excellent.

EA CEO: "I Think Of Pirates As A Marketplace" A marketplace that's just been robbed.

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