Intel Shows Off Core i7 Mod Contest Winners

Intel has announced the winners of their Core i7 desktop mod challenge. Naturally, the mods had to be built around Intel Core chips, and the focus was to showcase the "possibilities of tomorrow's technology".

let Just say I was thinking outside of the box on this mod. I wanted bring something from the past to the future. With project "Cool" I accomplished that goal. By bringing a 1990 Boomboox converting it to a ultimate gaming machine. I added a lot of new features that you don't see on normal pc. The first item was a 7"inch touch screen. Now I have the ability to pick and choose music, videos or system monitors applications on the 7 inch while working or playing games on the primary 28" monitor. Next up I added The Silverstone Media Display. The cool thing I like about this display is the newsfeed. It also displays system information as well as a visual equalizer display. I use the remote to turn on my system and have the ability play movies and pick music via my fingertips while sitting on my couch. The system is also running a duel loop Water cooling system power by Danger Den. My temperatures will stay in the mid 30c's to low 40c's almost 24/7. I used 4 200mm fans to keep to airflow moving through the system and through 2 giant 200mm radiators. The lighting and 1990 Boom box case really is one of the highlights of the system. I get ask all the time how did you get it all to fit. and i say it didn't it took me several days to come out with a plan to squeeze all of the components into a untraditional case. I always have a had the eye for lighting by adding the mutil color fans, meteor light, liquid neon light . 14 leds, and 2 backlights' make this case stand out.

Mission is a black walnut mission-style side table built around a standard ATX mid tower case. The case's stock air flow has been modified to a bottom-to-top flow pattern. A large air filter is mounted to the lower inlet vent. The decorative panels can be easily changed to suit a different style.

This is the "OS Xbox Pro". The purpose of this mod was to be an affordable system that would be able to run any operating system and application I might need. What I've ended up with is a stylish system that is running Windows 7, OS X, and Ubuntu that was build for just a little bit more than a fourth of the cost of a comparable pre-built system. In addition to its 3 operating system drives, the OS Xbox Pro is also equipped with a 1TB Raid0 array to make this the perfect machine for editing video in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or Avid. Equipped with a Intel Core2 Quad and a GeForce 9800 GT this small PC should be able to handle some things of a "gaming" variety as well. Isn't that what the future is? Not having to check for system requirements?

My mod creats a much better cooling solution with 2x Quad radiator water cooling this is not only a better cooling it also is very quiet equipped with fancontrollers and the best fans on the marked you are sure of a quiet, still very powerfull computer

Also it's very nice to the eye with a full an unique sleeving and UV black lights it's nice to look at and not something that you want to put under a desk.

The future of personal computers as presented by the movie Terminator, may not be as far as we think. More and more, computers are intertwined in our daily tasks and workings. Allthough the Terminator movie fantasized about the negative part of this, I can not help fantisize about the positieve side of this development. Entertainment and raw power in one mod, that is what my creation is all about.

Detailed images of the builds are scarce, but I managed to scrounge up some media on a few of the more interesting projects. Check out the contest page for details on all of the winners. [Intel]

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