Innergie mCube Mini: The World's Smallest Laptop Travel Charger

Innergie claims their new mCube Mini is the world's smallest travel charger for laptops. A very good thing, especially if you travel light. I refuse to pack more than one duffel bag no matter how long I'm away.

Specifically designed for cars and aeroplanes, the mCube Mini can be powered by either a 12V or a 15V outlet and can support netbooks and laptops that need up to 650W of power at 15-21V. It also has a USB port so you can charge other portable gadgets at the same time. Again, it's small - 60mm x 26mm x 18mm to be exact, so it's fairly comparable in size to a typical mobile phone. Available now for $US70. [Innergie via Slashgear]

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